Assassin: A Savvy Tale




Swinging her cloth bag, she saunters along the sauce isle, stopping only to grab her selection.

Not Tesco tomato sauce, no – only the best for her (or for him)!

Heinz it is.

High sugar content needed.

She pops the lid, peels back the silver seal, tips up the bottle, holds it high and sups the sap.

Just a sip, mind. Just the smallest of subtractions. She’s saving the remainder –

the sum of it –

for him.

Jaunty, hips swaying and bag still swinging, she saunters on, stopping only to swivel.

Sudden-like, she shoots.

He screams. Arms flailing. Hands swiping. Face all splattered and bloody.

With red-speckled cloth bag – still swinging – she saunters on out.

All sassy.


Copyright owned by Jay Cool, May 2019


Image courtesy of (Creative Commons)




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