People’s May Pole: SSS Politics

“Colleagues have paid dearly for our prime minister’s failure to believe in and back the decision of 17.4 million voters to leave the EU. People are sick of our incompetence and inability to deliver and to honour our promises. We will be annihilated in the Euro elections if we break another promise and adopt Corbyn’s customs union plan.” (The Guardian)




Elated and unable.

Unable to grasp why, when I, and many others,  voted for Green or Lib-Dem local election candidates, the lovely Theresa – celebrated.

Does she have an O’Level in Maths? Does she even have a C.S.E.? Is she really unable to interpret a simple bar chart?

Has it escaped her notice that the parties with the largest gains were the Greens and Lib-Dems, and that the bars slinking down, all depleted, represent Conservative and Labour?

Seemingly so! Theresa appears to be blinded to the rather major issue of the Greens and Lib-Dems being Remain supporters, with both parties backing a call for a second referendum; a fact that would surely indicate to anyone, with even the most minimal powers of interpretation, that those defecting to the Greens and Lib-Dems are shouting out to have their voices heard – shouting out that they have changed their minds, shouting out that they want to remain a part of the wider picture. Shouting out that they now want to remain in the EU!

Instead, she deduces that the voters have abandoned the Tories in droves, because their unanimous wish for Britain to leave the EU has been ignored.

Theresa, you changed your mind! After voting to remain in the EU, you did a complete U-turn, in your bid to grasp hold of power! And now, like a cling-on, you stubbornly hang on to your solitary pole, strutting your stuff, and looking down upon, and ignoring, us lesser mortals who swarm around the dance floor, desperately looking up at you, trying to catch your attention, trying to find a way through to you, to take a pop at your bubble.

Theresa – it’s time! Time to slide down that pole, time to face reality – time to listen! Time to change!

You did it once before. You can do it again! And, after all, really, as far as you are concerned, there won’t be a change.

The real you, the you without an alter-ego, didn’t wanted Britain to leave the EU in the first place!


Copyright owned by Jay Cool, May 2019


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