Misplaced Correction: A Savvy Poem

{Written out of respect for the best charity Shop Assistant in town – who gives his time and his smiles freely.} It’s a charity shop – helps people in need. And yet, he stands, with needs, chided, corrected. ‘Look!’ she scolds. ‘Four pounds down! You should have listened!’ I listen, and I see. As sheContinue reading “Misplaced Correction: A Savvy Poem”


Mental. Social stigma. Be open, discuss and share. People will get it and you won’t regret it. When the powerful know they have you ensnared. You’ve been opened, read, pinned,  labelled and bookmarked. Stigmatised, stamped on, crushed, dried, composted, buried, rotated, and s  c  a  t  t  e  r  e  d … The many seedsContinue reading “Stigmental”


  In April, I reach my forty-ninth milestone. In April, I am already too young to be cost-effective. In April, I celebrate my usefulness to myself. In April, I become myself. In April, I write and write and write. In April, I blossom into a youth that is me. In April, I am.   CopyrightContinue reading “April”