Static in North Wales – Friday

Jay Cool’s Hubby shares his impressions of Wales, in a series of daily letters to his work colleagues (now, with permission granted, shared with the world)! Friday – In bed I feel dead. You know that thing where amputees can still feel pain in phantom limbs, well that’s me. Bits of me are hurting thatContinue reading “Static in North Wales – Friday”

Savvy Poem – Snowdon’s Foot

  Vertical. Vertical does not go with vertical. Turning back, I stick to ground level. My right foot being crook, I remain at one with the foot of Snowdon.   Pressure. Pressure is a cure for the pain. I apply it, settling myself down upon the arch of Snowdon’s foot, hoping to stunt the flowContinue reading “Savvy Poem – Snowdon’s Foot”