Displaced: A Salopian Hincher in Suffolk

This house – my cave – has never truly hugged me. So, feeling the Hinch, I pick up my flimsy frying-pan turner, and get to work, scraping away the gunk of those who went before. Will this house now feel like a part of me – or, like gunk, do I still need to scrapeContinue reading “Displaced: A Salopian Hincher in Suffolk”

Gingerbread: Book Review

  Disclaimer: This post contains image links to the associated products on Amazon. Should you choose to purchase, I will receive a commission from Amazon at no extra cost to yourself. Ginger. The best hair colour on this planet. The colour of the sun and the colour that drew me into Dinsdale’s world. But, inContinue reading “Gingerbread: Book Review”