Savvy Diary 58: Queen Bee

Disclaimer: This post contains image links to products available on Amazon, for which I do not receive any commission. Wednesday: almost a week since I abandoned my day job for good. And what have I achieved? A tidy study. Okay, so a tidy study isn’t a bestselling novelette, and perhaps I could have written aContinue reading “Savvy Diary 58: Queen Bee”

Displaced: A Salopian Hincher in Suffolk

This house – my cave – has never truly hugged me. So, feeling the Hinch, I pick up my flimsy frying-pan turner, and get to work, scraping away the gunk of those who went before. Will this house now feel like a part of me – or, like gunk, do I still need to scrapeContinue reading “Displaced: A Salopian Hincher in Suffolk”