Looking At Where I Am

A poem inspired by Boris Johnsons Brexit negotiations, as reported by, BBC2 Newsnight, 10 December 2020. Looking at where I am, I find myself at a dinner table, in Brussels, and devoid of the anticipated fish dinner, feeling downbeat, hungry, full of regrets and with just three weeks to go before my people, The British,Continue reading “Looking At Where I Am”

Of Most Concern

Of Most Concern It concerns me, mostly, that of most concern is my concern that most of us have no concern for the concerns of others whatsover, insomuch as that, mostly, most of us have no concern whatsoever about being the cause of those concerns. And that really does, and inordinately so, concern me. CopyrightContinue reading “Of Most Concern”

A Different Way

A Different Way Looking for a way through, she sees a Different sign beckoning pointing showing her the way to go the right way for such as she is the right way for the different but it looks busy too much traffic people crowding, following, trampling over each other in their eagerness to be theContinue reading “A Different Way”

Driving Through Foliage

Driven on, and driving, through things still growing, I reflect on the shortness of what it is to be me, An illusory span of meness, contracting, shrinking – inches becoming centimetres becoming millimetres becoming nothingtres as the concept of me is consumed by the foliage that carries on growing, bending – homing in on theContinue reading “Driving Through Foliage”

Savvy Poem – The Reassembling

Inspired by a sentence borrowed from Tim Winton’s ‘Cloudstreet’:’Clean and new, that’s what I want.’ (p.330, 1991) Old and scratched, worn out and worn by others, by the ghosts of people who once were, and still are, of the people who still live on in bits of me. And I make my own scratches, myContinue reading “Savvy Poem – The Reassembling”

Savvy Poem – A Storming Morning

Inspired by the phrase ‘storming morning’ coined by Fantasynovel1@wordpress.com, in the poem ‘Shattering’.   Storming into a morning that I know is not really there, I find myself nagged into wakefulness by the lure of a coffee, that I hope is not really there, by my side, waiting for me. Sure, I know, I’ll stir longContinue reading “Savvy Poem – A Storming Morning”

Savvy Poem – Content

Content is irrelevant. What’s relevant is lost in the flow of the post after post after post of meaningless messages churning round and round my receptors.   Soggy messages: mushed up, dried out, crumbled and scattered.   Bits swept up, sacked up and dumped – tipped into irrelevance, and skipped up into contentment.   CopyrightContinue reading “Savvy Poem – Content”

A Savvy-Something Poem – Patiently Waiting

Inspired by ‘Silence’, a poem by C D Anders, published on The Unecessary Blog. Liberated, I become quieter, preferring my own solitude. What is there to scream about, when I am no longer subdued by the desperateness of the embarrassment of others? Others who, with everything to hide about themselves, seek to create identical others. IdenticalContinue reading “A Savvy-Something Poem – Patiently Waiting”

Savvy Poem – Cracked Wallpaper

With the lid on me twisted and tightened – to prevent leakages – the words on the wallpaper of my interior, crack. Copyright owned by Jay Cool, 3rd January, 2020   Image by congerdesign from Pixabay   Other posts by Jay Cool: Silly Adventure – Bunny Soup in Chilton Savvy Book – Paris Echo SavvyContinue reading “Savvy Poem – Cracked Wallpaper”

Silly Poem – I write, therefore I am not.

Not a single inch of a poem have I been able to write whilst sitting here thinking about what not to write. This is the best that I cannot do. Copyright owned by Jay Cool, 2nd January, 2020 Image by Kevin McIver from Pixabay   Further posts by Jay Cool: Silly Writing Tips – HowContinue reading “Silly Poem – I write, therefore I am not.”