13: 1000 likes!

I’ve hit the big time! I’ve done it! Today, I received the grand total of 1001 likes on my blog, for which I received ‘Congratulations’ from Word Press. Is this just the start? The start of my new life as a remote being? Why haven’t I reached the big 1, 000, 000 yet? Come onContinue reading “13: 1000 likes!”

High Street Millionaire

Wrap me in; keep the gap closed. This is my space, on the pavement, in the High Street, by the window. My space. Pirate flag. Plastic cutlass. Open book. Marking my page, and my space … next to and part of McDonald’s. A multi-millionaire. A McDonald’s man, with a little bit of pavement – toContinue reading “High Street Millionaire”