Silly Style – Christmas with Kate & Stacey

Stacey Solomon in green. Princess Kate in red. Put the two looks together and what does one get?   Not that I’ve got anything at all against the Christmas tree look! It’s true that I’m not so keen on the long skirt and sleeves and the great big neck-tie, or the alternative all-boobs-on-display open top; apartContinue reading “Silly Style – Christmas with Kate & Stacey”

Back to the Myddle: Day Eight of an Ancestral Adventure

Back to the Myddle: Day Eight of an Ancestral Adventure Reclamation. Whether I be at home in Shropshire or in Suffolk is a dilemma that can only be solved by checking out my territory – by a full survey of my lands and properties. I can’t believe that I once stood in a classroom, zoning out theContinue reading “Back to the Myddle: Day Eight of an Ancestral Adventure”