47: Miserable

No, I’m not miserable about the fact that I only have two-and-a-half working weeks left in my job. Get real! In a couple of months, I get my redundancy payment. And, in a couple of years my publications will be on the best-seller lists in Waterstones, WHSmiths, Amazon, Ebay, …………., etc. No, I’m not miserableContinue reading “47: Miserable”

Fried in July

The Lynford Stag in July 2018 Spilling forth from Breckland stag, Soldiers swinging, swords of fire, Shouting praises for promised lands. Crunching forth o’er sundried straw, Crackles burning, soles all sore, Citing crazes for conquered lands. Falling forth from sun-singed lips, Flowers frying, at devil’s door Firing curses for shrivelled lands. Deserted. Sands. Copyright ownedContinue reading “Fried in July”