Provocation – Savvy Poem

Unprovoked, I annoy, offend, am targeted. For the essence of difference that is different. For thinking. Provocatively. Copyright owned by Jay Cool, September 2020 Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

Silly Poem – Decommissioned

We’ve done what we can, but … we can no more control you than abandon.   Copyright owned by Jay Cool, July 2019   Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay   Other posts by Jay Cool. Please read and leave a review. 55: Finiarted 21: Daredevil Dinah 12: Clean Oven A Recent View: A Silly…


I stand out – a head above the rest, tall and gangly, alien accent, orange crown, and more-than-a-little odd. I stand above, and I stand out – florescent, illuminating, and alert. I’m an amber sunset, full of the promise of a better tomorrow.   I alarm you.   A flashing-red siren cuts through your conscience….