Looking At Where I Am

A poem inspired by Boris Johnsons Brexit negotiations, as reported by, BBC2 Newsnight, 10 December 2020.

Looking at where I am, I find myself at a dinner table, in Brussels, and

devoid of the anticipated fish dinner,

feeling downbeat, hungry, full of regrets

and with just

three weeks to go

before my people, The British, turn to feast,

in desperation, upon

each other.

Get a grip, I tell myself. Such an eventuality is really no big deal.

And on an upbeat note – unencumbered by Dom Boy, and unencumbered by the people –

it will be so easy for me, with such a very, very clear runway, to go that extra mile – and to


Complete and unadulterated sovereignty.

Better for Britain.

And, such is my situation that there is no

going back. Not for me. Now now. Not ever.

Copyright owned by Jay Cool, 11 December, 2020

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