Storm Diary 2 – Zealot!

Saturday 8th March, 2020

Sprog 2 woke me up at an unearthly hour (7.30am) to inform me that he felt dizzy and shivery.


Spent rest of the day being a zealot. Washed my hands – lots. Disinfected door handles, taps, switches, banisters, car keys, etc. – lots! Gave Sprog 2 strict instructions to stay in room – not difficult as the Calpol sent Sprog to sleep for several hours. Supplied Sprog, when conscious, with drinks and further doses of Calpol.

Washed hands again.

And again.


Tried to contact 111 online. Was confronted with a questionnaire about trips abroad and contact with trippers abroad. But, because Sprog hasn’t been anywhere beyond home town for aeons, the NHS was simply not interested. I was redirected to a questionnaire, which ended with the instruction to call my GP – very difficult to do on a Saturday!

Does Sprog 2 have Coronavirus, a cold, or the flu? And how am I supposed to know?

BBC and ITV have both informed me to contact 111 and not a GP. 111 tells me to contact a GP! What is going on here?

Nothing I can do except to wash my hands, over and over; wash Sprog’s crocks over and over; and keep texting Big Nanna (1), over and over, to give her an hourly update on Sprog’s symptoms. Big Nanna has one of those Medical Know-All manuals -that’s as good as 111, isn’t it?

Still, as someone who battles daily with anxiety, I feel that at least I now have something reasonable to be on the warpath about!

‘Pathetic,’ said that guy in Sainsbury’s yesterday. ‘People stockpiling. Pathetic!’

I text Hubby (who’s out walking in the big-wide world yonder, collecting viruses (and pints) with the lads (average age of 60)): ‘If you happen to see a bottle (or two) of Calpol on your stroll – get some!’

Best not to inform Hubby about the large puddle of wasted Calpol on our kitchen table. (It probably wasn’t the brightest of ideas to disinfect the outside of the bottle with one hand, before trying to put the lid back on with the other!)

Do I now have OCD as well as anxiety issues?

Or was the guy in Sainsbury’s spot on?

No. None of that. Not that at all.

I’m not a bit pathetic!

I’m just not a morning person.

By The Silly-Savvy Salopian

(1) Big Nanna earned her title from my Sprogs, who referred to her by this name when they were toddlers. This caused some confusion, and offence, as Big Nanna was by far the slimmest of the two Grandmothers! (And she’s still a very svelte lady today!)

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Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

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