Silly Boris Romps to Power

Ms Swinson said the result was “hugely disappointing” in her seat and across the country, as Boris Johnson romped to victory with a comfortable Conservative majority. (Andrew Griffin in ‘Live Comment’)



Surely, I am not the only non-religious Brit, to wake up in horror this morning at the realisation that I will be forced into witnessing a lot more hail-me gestures delivered by a PM, who would be more appropriately attired in an expand-with-me romper suit, than in a split-with-me-at-the-armpits jacket.

Why have the British people, allowed themselves to be, yet again, romped?

Why have we sunk so low?

Why be lorded over by a people-sanctioned narcissist, whose lack of empathy would, in Freudian terms, suggest that he is interminably stuck in the anal stage.

How about some celebratory handouts, Boris? Some help for hardworking families living on the breadline?

Free rompers suits all round?

Oh, sorry, I forgot – you’re a Tory!

Fat-cat, and sit-back elites. Poverty for the hardworking masses.

And absolutely no freebies!

Copyright owned by Jay Cool, Friday 13th December 2019


P.S. This Salopian living in Suffolk, is considering her future on English soil. An Independent Scotland? Tempting …

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