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Just tackled Mark Manson’s book: ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck’. The key to happiness is, it seems, to be savvy enough to accept one’s own mortality!

Personally, being silly as well as savvy, I’m having none of Mark’s other side. If he wants to step on over there, and plunge into the depths of oblivion, that’s obviously up to him – but I don’t need to!

I don’t need to because, I, Jay Cool, get younger every day!

With each passing year, I become a little less worried about what other people think of me, and a lot more eccentric. To me, this is youth – the freedom just to be! And stripped of all the anxieties associated with worrying about what other nutters with similar anxieties might think, I feel a lot lighter. There is a spring in my step that was definitely missing in my teenage years, when dancing entailed robotic shuffling on the same spot – for the fear that, if I put too much effort into enjoying myself, other teenagers might ridicule me.

At the age of ‘nearly’ fifty, I have become a Goddess. I am immortal. So, no, Mark Manson – I absolutely and categorically deny death. The end has nothing to do with me!

And, no, I am not going to sit on a precipice at the Cape of Good Hope just to see what being on the edge of death might feel like, for the same reason that I no longer take the route up Snowdon that entails doing a trapeze artist act over a narrow ridge. Sheer drops to my left and to my right are not for me! So why sit on a precipice and add a sheer drop to my front into the scenario. No, no, no! 

I live. I am getting younger. I will live forever!

So take that, Mr Mark Manson!

Other than that fundamental difference in our beliefs, then there is just one point Mark Manson makes that I can relate to! Like Mark, I hate ‘being told what to do’ and ‘prefer to do things my way’.

And, if doing ‘things my way’ means living forever (I have an infinite number of books to read, review and rant about), then so be it!

Copyright owned by the immortal blogger, Jay Cool, September 2019



Savvy-Star Rating: 4/5 a highly-entertaining read

Favourite quote: ‘prefer to do things my way’

Best reading location: a book for one’s backpack, to be read wherever the feet stop

Savviest bookshop: Obviously Waterstones!

Image by Nici Keil from Pixabay

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