49: Sad

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Seven working days to go and they ain’t half dragging!

Sure, a part of me is sad – I have been in this job for twenty-three years and, at various times, have come close to being consumed by it. But, when one went into a job with some lofty idea about being able to help my fellow human beings in some way and, instead, has found the profession swarming with scramblers happy to quash anyone with an opinion, one has to swim out of the dung pit.

Better out than in!

And it’s even better to be out when there’s so much going on in my garden. When DD delivers me back to my cave, a quick perusal of my estate wipes out any doubts I might have about my decision to escape from the office early today.

collage july 9 2019 garden1

Did I see such variety, whilst at work today? Did I see happy faces, reaching up to the skies, full of hope for a future? No. Just lots and lots of lots of people all wearing much the same thing and all doing much the same thing and all looking much the same, i.e. gloomy.

July 9 collage garden2

Yet, here in my own lands, I find ladies in cerise pink ballgowns dancing on air, pink-tipped angels fluttering their wings, white-sprigs bobbing around on fancy hats and, best of all, just to complete the dancer-room theme, an upturned yellow chandelier. I’m home! Let the party begin!

And, for those of you who prefer to bring the outside into your home, perhaps you could recreate the Jay Cool garden theme with some of these choice items from Amazon;


Not creative enough for you? Liven up the dance by decorating your own hat!


Or perhaps the calm-green look is more to your taste?


Pretty sure that Nanna Cool was once the proud owner of a tea-set with the same design. Will see what Amazon can come up with!

The disposable paper variety wasn’t quite what I had in mind, but if it fits in with the whole indoor-outdoor garden party theme?

Enough, Jay Cool! Enough of all that joviality! Your sprogs are squabbling ….

Oh yes, so they are. Problem. Why am I giving the day job up? Do I really want to spend more time with my sprogs?

Second problem. The kitchen’s still in a mess from breakfast time. ‘Kids! Which one of you is volunteering to sign up for scivvy training? Both of you? Excellent.’

Problem solved.

Day job not wanted!


Copyright owned by Jay Cool, July 2019


‘Morris Dancers’ image by Image by ShepherdMedia from Pixabay

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