1: A Diary

‘There’s Life in the Old Stick Yet’ by Jay Cool, May 2019


I’ve done it!

Volunteered myself for redundancy and signed on the dotted line.

Redundancy seems a poor choice of word, and totally inadequate for a process that involves stepping into my new life; a life in which I will be anything but redundant, anything but a spare. In this life, I will be working for me, in total control of my own life and actions; at nobody else’s bidding but my own.

“Mum, mum! Dad, where’s mum?”

Okay, so I’m not quite at no-one else’s bidding. But at least that particular aspect of my old life, being one of the positive outcomes of my own choices, will be a welcome part of the new!

Is it possible? Is it possible to earn an adequate living, to survive as a freelance writer and eccentric? Will I end up by signing myself up for the formal once again? Signing away my ability to think, process and act upon my own ideas? Signing away all that is myself?

Thinking about doing the same thing yourself? Follow me, Jay Cool – The Silly-Savvy Salopian – and find out whether I make it!

Join me as I venture into my new life.

And, whilst you are here, if you have any writing commissions, get in touch – and I, Jay Cool, will get onto it!

Or, for that matter, if you have any commissions at all (rude things excluded), i.e. dog-walking, bad-singing, litter-picking or snot-wiping. All with the added bonus that whatever it is, Jay Cool, tries her hand, feet or melodic voice at, she will also be blogging about it!

Follow …..


Copyright of ‘Giving Up the Day Job’ diaries, owned by Jay Cool.


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Published by The Silly-Savvy Salopian

Freelance writer and descendant of the cave dweller and outlaw, Humphrey Kynaston. Banished from Shropshire for my eccentricity, I have made my home in Suffolk. I write poetry, short stories, travel journals, comedy gig reviews and non-fiction articles. My wish is to write my way back into the heart of my birth land. All writing commissions (and free holidays in Shropshire!) considered.

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