Savvy Writing Tips – Grab a Word!

Stuck for something to write about? Grab a word – any word! Any word from anywhere! Grab it, attach it to screen or paper and go for it! Easy!

  1. Grab your word, e.g. take ‘stuck’, the first word in this post.
  2.  Take ownership of the word.
  3.  Water it and allow the word to grow!
  4.  Whilst waiting, take heed of this example:



Stuck to this chair, in this office, in this place, I find it hard to focus. One wrong number, one wrong digit in this part code, and I could be ordering a £600,000 diamond, instead of a cut of cubic zirconia, its cheap-synthetic alternative.

One wrong touch of this keypad, and I could be  out of this chair and out of this job. It’s an option almost worthy of my consideration.

As my fingers hover and fly over the keys, a sparkle bounces off my wedding ring and catches my drifting thoughts. The sparkle tells me that it too is cheap, that it too is just a piece of cubic zirconia; a tiny cut of cubic zirconia, stuck fast into a band of stainless steel; low-quality stainless steel, not worthy of a place in my cutlery drawer, hamming itself up as an serious alternative to white-gold.


My husband is a cheapskate, and I’m stuck in a low-grade and low-paid cheapskate of a job. Time for a change.

time for change

One wrong touch of this keypad. My tip of my ring finger stops its hovering, refocuses on its target, and begins its descent …


And who’s the one who’s stuck now? I hear you ask. What happened to the rest of the story? Where is your middle and where is the ending?

Like I said …, I’ve watered the seed, coaxed up the seedling, and now? Now, I’m taking a step back. I’m giving the story some ‘me time’. I’m giving it some space in which to grow.

Okay, I admit it. I’m stuck.

Any ideas?


Copyright owned by Jay Cool, February 2019


P.S. Stuck for words? Try one of these:

trump wordall1578286_1280

Or, if a Trumped up wall of words seems insurmountable, stick to the singular! Stay focused. Stay ….


cool picture frame pixabay

All images included in this post are courtesy of (creative commons licensed).

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