The Cool Westgate Duet

He may well have been booted off Britain’s Got Talent by the great man himself (and no I’m not referring to our pal Simon Cowell – the great man is David Walliams, Jay Cool’s role model), but, personally speaking, I confess to having a bit of a soft spot for ‘our’ Martin. Martin Westgate atContinue reading “The Cool Westgate Duet”

Lost in the Lavender at Haughley

Lost in the Lavender at Haughley It’s fortunate for some, perhaps, that my┬árole as a Portacabin Loo Inspector is just a sideline. In reality, I’m here at Haughley Park Farm’s Sheepdog Trials, to inspect the comedians. It’s a difficult job, especially when one has shrivelled-up soaking wet (no, not that – I’m female – IContinue reading “Lost in the Lavender at Haughley”