Formalisation: A Savvy Poem

To be on form is to be sensationalised. To be on form is not to be real. To be on form makes no sense of any kind of nonsensical nonsense and is – in a sense – completely and utterly senseless. And, no, I am not just a someone – a someone striving to beContinue reading “Formalisation: A Savvy Poem”

Wonky Perfection

My right brow soars As the left falls flat deflated. My left eye winks Whilst its partner stares immobile. My right lip sinks As the left-twin gloats ecstatic. My left jowl sags Whilst its sibling lifts delighted. My shoulder shrugs and swipes my right ear, As my hat fuzzes and free-falls to my left.  Continue reading “Wonky Perfection”