Savvy Style – Raining Flowers

Today is the day! The aforementioned Unbranded dress from Ebay arrived about three days ago and I still haven’t opened i! Not that I wasn’t excited about another opportunity to upstage Princess Beatrice, with one of my bargain lookalikes – far from it!

I was saving it for a rainy day!

And, today, without a doubt, has to be that day! It’s as dull as my gone-off-Zoflora-enhanced dishcloth and, if I dared to step into it, I’m pretty sure they’d be a stench to match.

So, instead, I have the parcel – here goes with the whole-slow-reveal thing …


And just think that I used to make fun of my sprogs for doing slow-reveal Pokemon character clips – I really am going down in this world!

Loving the red flowers – just my kind of enhancement (I rarely go anywhere without my clip-on red flower from New Look!)! So, even if you don’t opt into the Unbranded dress, get yourself a flower – it looks fab stuck  on a collar, a pocket, a hat, a shoe – you name it! The red flower’s the latest middle-aged-eccentric’s must have!

Even better, if featured on a clashing yellow ballet-style pump from Clark’s!



And, whilst I’m stuck indoors for this fashion shoot, I have another floral number to reveal to you, courtesy, this time, of Sainsbury’s! The TU range has recently become a hot favourite of mine, due to its very wise decision to feature us ordinaries in its advertising campaigns. Big, small, old, young – and everything inbetween! Need another model, Sainsbury? Need a middle-aged, ginger-freckly, mother-of-three Salopian eccentric for all of your shoots? I’m here! I’m economy brand! Get in touch!

Anyway, time for the slow reveal …



At £6, how could I not fork out for a TU special? Even cheaper that the £10.88 Unbranded dress sold by augfirstspendthink on ebay!

Sadly, then the longer-for photo shoot is going to have to keep you waiting – just got a call from Sainsbury’s! Wouldn’t want to keep them waiting! Seems I’m hot, hot, hot!

Watch this space for forthcoming Princess Budget campaign …

Copyright owned by Jay Cool, The Silly-Savvy Salopian in Suffolk, 6th October, 2019

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Disclaimer: Please note that all content (believe it or not!) is tongue-in-cheek and that I do not receive commission from TU, ebay, or New Look. I am, however, signed up to receive commission from Waterstones, hence why I have included an image of my my current reading, ‘The Girl in Red’ by Christina Henry, for which there will be a review coming up shortly!


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