22: Bit by Bit



Three months to go.

Three months before the whole of my meness can step out.

Three months before I dare glance into the mirror to see who I am.

Three months to get this blog site to do a take-off because, once I’ve stepped out, I’m not at all sure that I’ll have any desire to step back in.

Today, just having the tip of the big toe on my right foot out there feels pretty good. If I get my whole right foot out, will the stress pain in my big-toe joint vanish?

When I ate the green jelly babies, my favourite ones (always felt sorry for the ones who lived in the shadows of the red), did they feel pain? When I started on their feet, eating the heads last, did I just prolong their agony? Or, did they feel that – bit by bit – I was eating them into themselves?

Once eaten, were they able to see, perhaps for the first time, what or even who, or even which bit of themselves they really wanted to be?

Or were they just happy to be – me?


Copyright owned by Jay Cool, June 2018


P.S. I’m seriously, here,  tempted to put in an Amazon-affiliate link to a Vanish product. But, because I haven’t put the whole of my right foot out there yet, I will, on this occasion, leave such matters to Mrs Hinch.

P.P.S. Will my readers forgive me if I put in a like to a bumper pack of Jelly Babies instead? No?

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