Getting Out of the Day Job 6: Pinch Me

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I’m still pinching myself (not Hinching myself). Did I really sign up for voluntary redundancy last week? And does that really mean I’ll be ‘unemployed’?

Only right now, it just doesn’t feel quite like the truth. Is it true? Will I be jobless? In which case, why am I still being woken up by my alarm clock at 6.30 every weekday morning? Nothing feels at all different. I’m still going to work, and I’m still bringing work home with me from work.

Will I really be free, in something like ten weeks time? Is my imaginary future a real future? Or am I about to wake up from a pleasant dream?

Will I really have the time to write lots and lots, or will my hubby’s prediction that I will spend all my time tidying up our only-slightly-messy-and-chaotic home come into fruition?

Dream on, Hubby! I’m no Mrs Hinch!

Okay, so I do share with Mrs Hinch a bit of a passion all things family-related. I’m constantly expanding my family tree, even to the extent of adopting any hangers-on for the purpose, i.e. I have been known to dress up water bottles and potatoes to keep company with (and some very good conversations I’ve had with them too!).

Image by Alexas_Fotos of

But, seriously – there’s no way I’m going to be dressing up the kitchen mop or naming any of our scourers, and I certainly won’t be increasing the amount of time I spend in their company or wasting my red-wine drinking time by ‘putting’ them ‘to bed’ * Hincher-style!

Having said that, then I am finding ‘Hinch Yourself Happy’, Mrs Hinch’s bestselling book a very entertaining read, and I’m quite taken with the idea of getting hold of some of that Zoflora stuff she keeps banging on about, which could be just the thing for sorting out my growing mountain of slimy dishcloths. Alternatively, then it might be a cheaper idea to remove the aforesaid cloths from the sink, before tipping away my unfinished beverages.

But, I do rather like the idea of a Forest Pine Zoflora scented kitchen. It could, in fact, create the ideal climate in which to finish reading my copy of Peter Wohlleben’s ‘The Hidden Life of Trees’, and to get on with writing my own tree-inspired trilogy.

A kitchen to die for in the heart of a forest; reading, writing, chats with my charming potatoes and …

Unemployed? Whoever first uttered such a word was off the mark by a long way.



Copyright owned by Jay Cool, May 2019

P.S. Anyone know of a suitable bed-time story for my baby potatoes?

  • ‘Hinch Yourself Happy’, pp. 57-58

Disclaimer: The images below link through to Amazon. If you choose to purchase copies, I will receive a commission at no cost to yourself.


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