Making My Way Across Counties

‘My body is a small cave door
it’s a slick whale  a jubilant
sea of tall grass that sways
& makes its way across countries’

(lines 1-4 of ‘::Searching for My Own Body::’ by Yesenia Montilla.)


Out of a small cave door,
he came forth,
and a birth
came forth
from whence
emerged another
and another
and another
and so on.

Russian dolls in Shropshire,
waddling forth across counties
swaying and falling,
into Suffolk.


Out of small cave door,
came forth my daughters,
and my son.

Slick and jubilant.

Copyright owned by Jay Cool, January 2019

Explanatory note: The poet is descended from Humphrey Kynaston, notorious highwayman of Kynaston’s Cave, Nesscliffe, Shropshire.

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