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My garden fences being toppled by the high winds of Storm Dudley was only the start of it. A warning of the ferociousness of the storm to come.

Today …

the machine of destruction rolls in and over the right to be free from coercive


Dragon fire. Death. Disaster.

The price of fuel, a triviality, considering …

steps taken –

strides needed.

Copyright owned by Jay Cool, Thursday 24th February 2022


Obligatory – New Year

Is it new, to celebrate the start of a year in which one becomes older?

Does the angst of youth miraculously dissipate, or does it accelerate until it can no longer be retained by the brittle shell of depletion?

Copyright of Jay Cool´s thoughts owned by Jay Cool, Saturday 1st January, 2022.


Joined-up thinking?

According to The Sun, the coronavirus infection rate is slowing.

According to The Express, today’s coronavirus data is delayed.

According to the The Independent, the latest daily infection rate was 24 hours ago, at 183, 027.

No new updates are due until 7.30 pm today.

And yet.

According to a Bing search, as of 15.43 today, the 30th December, 2021, the daily rate of infections in the UK was 221, 250!

Joined-up thinking?


Be confused no more. As of 20.58 today, The Daily Mail, put the record straight, knocking to total infection rate down to 189,213!


Copyright owned by Jay Cool, 30th December, 2021

Image courtesy of pixabay.com



They had nothing to do with each other. Not really.

Nothing in the way of communication passed between them, although one, it could be argued, was a regular guest of the other. Not by way of invitation; but more in the way of a gatecrasher. Although to use the word gatecrasher might seem to imply intent on the part of the visitor and, in this situation, with this visitor, there was no intent whatsoever.

The involuntary-gatecrasher certainly possessed a multitude of positive attributes; attributes which might, to the uninformed observer, be cited as more than enough to impress the highest calibre of a host. And, yet, it was not, it seemed, enough to earn the guest, even the flicker of hostly acknowledgement. Not that the guest, by way of return, if a lack of acknowledgement can in any way be returned, suffered in any way by such a rebuff. Again, there are some who might point out that, without intent on either the part of the guest or the host, there cannot possibly be the conception of a rebuff.

And, as has already been put forward, they had nothing to do with each other.

Not really.

Copyright owned by Jay Cool, Tuesday 28th December, 2021

Photograph by Jay Cool


Lockdown Dance

Lockdown Dance

Lonely in lockdown

I keep company with the colours of the many versions of myself,

all of them, dancing, wriggling, moving and shifting,

adjusting to a new idea of what it is to be

alive and thriving

a life-force, freeing themselves up from the conventions

of what it once was to be constrained, constricted and conquered by

the coiling, controlling, and certifying

constraints of Captains, Commanders and


Copyright of poem & image owned by Jay Cool, December 2020


Business As Normal

Business As Normal

Big surge. Fast spread.

No end in sight.

Breakfast briefing at Downing Street.

Full English.

Boris bursting with bacon.


Carpets bloody, but getting on with it.


As normal.

Copyright owned by Jay Cool, November 16th, 2020

Image by Pexels from Pixabay




Fifty million doses.

Enough for two and a half million people.

A good spread.

Not available yet.

But critical.

Plausible, effective and willing, but not able to

quite r e a c h t h e e d g e s

and not even able to land in the middle.

Not even a droplet

ready for roll-out,

as yet.

But a big, important – MEGA!

Potentially-significant microspread!

Copyright owned by Jay Cool

Inspired by Downing Street`s Coronavirus Briefing, Monday 15th November, 2020

Image by Ken Boyd from Pixabay


Total Lockdown – A Poem

Locked in.

Sprogs at school.

Hubby at work.

All breathing, mixing, inhaling.

And all due to return


And here I am. A mum locked


A sitting duck.


As always.

Copyright owned by Jay Cool

Image by Manfred Richter from Pixabay


Silly-Savvy Art: Panic

‘Panic’ is the final of a series of three watercolour landscapes, inspired by my local walks during the UK’s Coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

This scene depicts The Water Mill, in Great Cornard, and is based on a photograph I took, late April, whilst making the most of my once-a-day exercise.

An army of viruses move in, ready to wreak havoc on the residents of Babergh, Suffolk.

The painting is on a 40 X 40 cm cas, and is intended to be displayed as a diamond shape. For maximum image resolution, on my mobile phone’s camera, I depict it here on the diagonal.


Copyright of ‘Panic’ painting owned by Jay Cool, April 2020 (not available for Creative Commons use – please contact me for permission, should you wish to use the image. Alternatively, you can purchase a print, e.g. postcard, letter card, fabric hanging, etc. 

Please see the first two paintings in this series, ‘Complacency’ and ‘Anxiety’.

Looking Again at Christmas

Image courtesy of sik-life on Pixabay.com

Looking again,

Boris considers,

The fiction that is the Christmas

that is different for


the Christmas that is smaller somehow –

smaller and even somewhat less than a day

in the land,

upon which he

plods and


Reconsidering, after taking into consideration his own

situation, Boris



Copyright owned by Jay Cool, 19th December, 2021