Of Most Concern

Of Most Concern It concerns me, mostly, that of most concern is my concern that most of us have no concern for the concerns of others whatsover, insomuch as that, mostly, most of us have no concern whatsoever about being the cause of those concerns. And that really does, and inordinately so, concern me. CopyrightContinue reading “Of Most Concern”

Driving Through Foliage

Driven on, and driving, through things still growing, I reflect on the shortness of what it is to be me, An illusory span of meness, contracting, shrinking – inches becoming centimetres becoming millimetres becoming nothingtres as the concept of me is consumed by the foliage that carries on growing, bending – homing in on theContinue reading “Driving Through Foliage”

A Savvy-Something Poem – Patiently Waiting

Inspired by ‘Silence’, a poem by C D Anders, published on The Unecessary Blog. Liberated, I become quieter, preferring my own solitude. What is there to scream about, when I am no longer subdued by the desperateness of the embarrassment of others? Others who, with everything to hide about themselves, seek to create identical others. IdenticalContinue reading “A Savvy-Something Poem – Patiently Waiting”

Silly-Savvy Poem – Meaningful

A haiku taking its inspirational mumblings from Twitter trends:   Monday Meaningful, trends, mournful for moments of lost Funday Sunday!   Copyright owned by Jay Cool, 21 October 2019 Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay Silly Letter – Dear Boris Savvy Book – Melmoth Savvy Poem – SAD    

A Something Poem – Find Me

Within these walls, find me, papered over with books. The walls of my life paper over me, lifting up my lining, and my lines, with pulp of mashed-up fiction, mostly read. And truths, mostly unread. More of all of it unread than read. Probably. Copyright owned by Jay Cool, 14th October, 2019 Image by Free-PhotosContinue reading “A Something Poem – Find Me”

Savvy Poem – Shrivelled

I shake off the lines that led me to this point, and, in the aftermath, I feel the smoothness of the surface of myself, whilst considering whether I really know where the point is. Is it at the sharp tip of my artist’s B pencil? Is it at the tip of my Hubby’s Roman beak?Continue reading “Savvy Poem – Shrivelled”

Resignation: A Something Poem

The stew being stagnant, I swim to the edge of the pot, reach up to rim and pull myself                                                     out. The others, resigned to the stupor, stay. Copyright owned byContinue reading “Resignation: A Something Poem”

Spectacle: A Something Poem

  Is wearing spectacles a sign that the wearer is a watcher; an observer of all things sporty and sporting? Or does one, when donning specs, become the sport, no longer a human being, but an entertainment, an energising figment of an overactive imagination?   Copyright of poem owned by Jay Cool, June 2019  Continue reading “Spectacle: A Something Poem”

A Something Poem – Master of The Wait

Being ginger, I last longer, even longer than the old Duracell batteries, because the idea of me, is far, far older than the idea of the battery, and having been around for so long, I’ve had so much longer to learn, and to master, all that there can possibly be to master.  To master allContinue reading “A Something Poem – Master of The Wait”