Savvy Poem – Snowdon’s Foot

  Vertical. Vertical does not go with vertical. Turning back, I stick to ground level. My right foot being crook, I remain at one with the foot of Snowdon.   Pressure. Pressure is a cure for the pain. I apply it, settling myself down upon the arch of Snowdon’s foot, hoping to stunt the flowContinue reading “Savvy Poem – Snowdon’s Foot”

Savvy Poem – Towyn

Block upon block of blocks Blocking the view of the blocks that front up to the sea that was the sea before it became the block that stopped the girls of this town from drifting away from the block-headed boys they did not choose to be blocked in by – the boys with the bagsContinue reading “Savvy Poem – Towyn”

Silly Poem – Conwy

In the smallness of it, I lift up coffin lid and hide in the spaciousness of all that is mine for keeps.   As, in grandeur, my ancestor, Edward I, looks down from his castle tower, perusing all that is his, whilst longing for his own little place in which to be.   Copyright ownedContinue reading “Silly Poem – Conwy”