Looking At Where I Am

A poem inspired by Boris Johnsons Brexit negotiations, as reported by, BBC2 Newsnight, 10 December 2020. Looking at where I am, I find myself at a dinner table, in Brussels, and devoid of the anticipated fish dinner, feeling downbeat, hungry, full of regrets and with just three weeks to go before my people, The British,Continue reading “Looking At Where I Am”

Obesity Britain

(Inspired by an early-morning stroll along Market Hill, in Sudbury, Suffolk). ‘Obesity Britain,’ reads the stand. Obsequious Brits, sucked in, changing pennies for The Daily Mail. A daily struggle – paper fat with stories. Obstipated paper, stuffed full with stories to shame, to stigmatise, to solidify, to pump up, to blow up, to fatten outContinue reading “Obesity Britain”

‘The Free Metro’ (Friday June 8, 2018)

A baby. No mother. A lesbian. A fling. And a hammer swing. Shotgun pellets. Stab attack. And a drill. Tributes to a King. And Mimi in trouble. All wrapped up in a Metro bubble. Lost lives and rubble. Trapped. Copyright owned by Jay Cool, June 8th, 2018