Savvy Book – Burn

‘I’m looking for a slow burn mystery that gives you that feeling of, “Something’s not right here.”’ (A quote from the Reddit user, MildlyAngryCat. Look no further, my Angry Cat, I am here! I, Jay Cool! I am your slow-burn mystery, and there’s definitely something not quite right here. I mean, who else would put themselvesContinue reading “Savvy Book – Burn”

Savvy Article – Boris & Donald

Dear Boris and Donald, Overlords. Overlords and outsiders. Oppressive order. Savvy! The stuff, Boris and Donald, of dystopian novels. Or is it? Is the word dystopia really a synonym for the here and now, for your here and now? For a world in which your narcissistic selves climbed over piles of others, in your desperateContinue reading “Savvy Article – Boris & Donald”

Savvy Book – Fuse

Imagine a post-apocalyptic world in which all the computer game obsessed teenage boys have survived their parents. Hours and hours … days … months and years, as the physically inactive controllers of their own alternative realities, rewarded! Rewarded with survival. Whilst the basement-based boys live on, oblivious to the detonations of nuclear bombs, their aboveContinue reading “Savvy Book – Fuse”

Savvy Book – Giving a F**k

    Just tackled Mark Manson’s book: ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck’. The key to happiness is, it seems, to be savvy enough to accept one’s own mortality! Personally, being silly as well as savvy, I’m having none of Mark’s other side. If he wants to step on over there, and plungeContinue reading “Savvy Book – Giving a F**k”

Savvy Book – The Legacy

Wow! Just finished Gemma Malley’s trilogy culminating with the final savvy book in the series – The Legacy! As someone a little preoccupied with the ageing process myself, I love the idea of the longevity drugs. Where’s my pack? Nipping along to the Doc’s for my prescription, the second I complete this post! But …Continue reading “Savvy Book – The Legacy”

Savvy Book – The Declaration

  As promised, following my discovery and consumption of Gemma Malley’s ‘The Killables’ ‘ I moved on for a second feast with ‘The Declaration’ – the first book in another of her savvy dystopian triologies. And, although, I enjoyed ‘The Killables’, this book is by far its superior. The diary-style opening grabbed me from the off,Continue reading “Savvy Book – The Declaration”

Savvy Book – The Killables

Since reading Julianna Baggott’s novel, Pure, I seem to want to devour every dsytopian novel I can get hold of. Is this my mid-life crisis talking to me, reaching out into the future in the desperate hope that I might live long enough to witness it? Or, in reading fiction aimed at young adults, isContinue reading “Savvy Book – The Killables”

Savvy Book – Pure

Sure, Julianna Baggot’s ‘Pure’ may well be a post-apocalyptic novel centering around the adventures of four knife-wielding teenagers but, to me, as a very-much-in-the-present-middle-aged-and-stressed-out mother, there is much I can relate to. Imagine this scene: You have lost your grip over your teenage sprogs, who have abandoned ship. You were rather hoping that, once settled,Continue reading “Savvy Book – Pure”

Silly Book – The Midnight Gang

Big news! If the discerning reader chooses to take every story that appears in The Mirror at face value, then a hypnotist recently created mass hysteria in a London park by making a gaggle of fully-clothed volunteers believe that they were ‘naked’. Immediately, my worst recurring nightmare comes back to me – the one where, desperateContinue reading “Silly Book – The Midnight Gang”

Savvy Book – The Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen

Disclaimer: Should you choose to purchase the featured book, via this post, I will receive a commission from Waterstones. A highly-entertaining read about the ups and downs of being over eighty years old and stuck in a care home. The diary writer, Hendrik, has to put up with all the grumbles, farts and burps of hisContinue reading “Savvy Book – The Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen”