Savvy Book – The Marble Collector

Everyone needs an ally during the dark times. And Fergus, the central character in Cecilia Ahern’s ‘The Marble Collector’, has a whole collection of them. Shut up in a prison on a par with  Roald Dahl’s Chokey cupboard, by a malevolent schoolteacher, the young Fergus escapes reality by turning what might otherwise have been a passing interest, or sideline,Continue reading “Savvy Book – The Marble Collector”

Savvy Book – Time to Say Goodbye

Disclaimer: If you purchase a featured book, via the image links below, I will receive a commission from Waterstones at no extra cost to yourself. Sorry Harper Collins, but I refuse to pander to the trend for non-capitalised titles, just as you refuse to pander to me – an old-school child of the seventies. ItContinue reading “Savvy Book – Time to Say Goodbye”

Savvy Book – Switched

Amanda Hockings ‘Switched’ (available at Waterstones) is a must-read if, like myself, you are a bitter and twisted old person, still with a chip on your shoulder about the sibling who, many eons ago,  insisted that you were an unwanted changeling! The novel centres around the character of Wendy, the troublesome daughter of a supposed mother whoContinue reading “Savvy Book – Switched”

Savvy Book – The List of My Desires

A beautiful book, authored by Gregoire Delacourt, and designed to make me view the mass of buttons scattered all over my Sprog’s bedroom carpet, in a different, ever-so-slightly-more-positive light! Jocelyne, the main character in ‘The List of My Desires’, makes a meagre living running her own haberdashery shop and blogging about the odds and ends thatContinue reading “Savvy Book – The List of My Desires”

Savvy Book – Season to Taste

  A grisly (or gristly) tale, even for those with a taste for the hot stuff. This morning, I purchased a bumper 100g pack of Nacto’s ‘Crushed Chillies’ from Sainsburys. But, not even a bucket-load of the latter would be enough to persuade me to take a chance on Young’s ambitious plans for the dietContinue reading “Savvy Book – Season to Taste”

Savvy Book – The Undertaking

Consumed this World War Two themed novel, Audrey Magee’s ‘The Undertaking’, in one sitting! Beautifully written, although the author is a little over-fond of the verb ‘said’. Still, at least it doesn’t read like a piece of student coursework, with the over-contrived use of every single synonym for ‘said’ in existence. On finishing the novel (whichContinue reading “Savvy Book – The Undertaking”

This is Going to Hurt: Book Review

Disclaimer: Should you choose the purchase the reviewed book, via the link below, I will receive a commission at no cost to yourself. Bog brushes, mobile phones and chicken legs. First up, the bog brush! Not great for it’s intended purpose, i.e. when used with vigour, it has a tendency to spatter one’s face withContinue reading “This is Going to Hurt: Book Review”

Read Me: Reviews

  Put it all out there, say the speakers, inspirationally, as they do. Put it all out there, because you never know. You never know who might be out there, browsing, searching, clicking, liking, and who, out of all the people   out there might be the one – looking for something by you. WhyContinue reading “Read Me: Reviews”

Gingerbread: Book Review

  Disclaimer: This post contains image links to the associated products on Amazon. Should you choose to purchase, I will receive a commission from Amazon at no extra cost to yourself. Ginger. The best hair colour on this planet. The colour of the sun and the colour that drew me into Dinsdale’s world. But, inContinue reading “Gingerbread: Book Review”

Today: A Poem Inspired by Matt Haig

Disclaimer: If you choose to purchase, via the link to Amazon, the book associated with this poem, I will receive a commission – at no cost to yourself. Today. Today, as I await my special breakfast, my special for-being-a-mother breakfast, I will read all of the books I bought yesterday – well, perhaps just oneContinue reading “Today: A Poem Inspired by Matt Haig”