Storm Diary 6 – Boris

Wednesday 11th March 2020 Sick Sprog now has a hacking cough. Popped into Aldi, whilst on the Non-Sick Sprog school run, and was pleased to be coughed over by two ladies in the queue. Made a mental note not to apply for that Cashier’s job. Just how many customers have already coughed over the poorContinue reading “Storm Diary 6 – Boris”

Storm Diary 7 – Mountains

Thursday 12th March, 2020 This morning, reticent about a second encounter with the cough-all-over-everyone ladies of Aldi, I braved the alternative, and ventured into Tesco to seek out some Dettol Anti-Bac Spray. No Anti-Bac Spray left! Considered purchasing toilet rolls instead (still available!). But figured that, failing a very long stint of diarrhoea, I wouldContinue reading “Storm Diary 7 – Mountains”

Storm Diary 5 – Protection

Tuesday 10th March, 2020 Yesterday evening, Sick Sprog decided he’d done with self-isolation, and landed in the lounge – coughing! Within seconds I found myself making good use of my protective face mask. Not sure they are intended for use in one’s own lounge, but so be it! Cold, flu or the dreaded coronavirus –Continue reading “Storm Diary 5 – Protection”

Storm Diary 4 – Despair

Monday 9th March 2020 Middle Sprog – the sick one – very pleased to be off school missing his Maths mock exam; not so pleased about his sore throat. Another symptom of Coronavirus? Or does he know about my secret stash of lemon and honey lozenges? Who knows? NHS 111 is busy! Youngest Sprog notContinue reading “Storm Diary 4 – Despair”

Storm Diary 3 – Coping

Sunday 9th March 2020 Earlier this afternoon, Hubby returned from his lad’s walking hol, blustering into the house, making a mad dash for the upstair’s loo and, in the process, undoing the fine job I did on disinfecting the banister. Why? Why use the loo upstairs, when there is a perfectly good one downstairs? AndContinue reading “Storm Diary 3 – Coping”

Storm Diary 2 – Zealot!

Saturday 8th March, 2020 Sprog 2 woke me up at an unearthly hour (7.30am) to inform me that he felt dizzy and shivery. Self-isolation? Spent rest of the day being a zealot. Washed my hands – lots. Disinfected door handles, taps, switches, banisters, car keys, etc. – lots! Gave Sprog 2 strict instructions to stayContinue reading “Storm Diary 2 – Zealot!”

Storm Diary 1 – Pathetic?

Friday 6th March 2020 Panic buying. The new crime. As I stand in the queue at Sainsbury’s, I fall victim to the scorn of another shopper (a healthy-looking young man!) who’s sharing exchanges with the cashier about the stupid people who are choosing to stock up, in lieu of a Coronavirus lock-in. ‘Pathetic!’ agrees theContinue reading “Storm Diary 1 – Pathetic?”